Grant Fielder takes great pride in the meticulous craftsmanship evident in his homes. He crafts spaces to resonate with clients who have a keen appreciation for finer details.

He builds homes that not only reflect your lifestyle, but elevate and celebrate it. Every aspect of your home is considered, mirroring his commitment to embracing every facet of your life.

In essence, Grant firmly believe that homes finished to the highest quality standard inspire the highest quality of life. Being entrusted with the task of building your 'forever home' is a responsibility he doesn't take lightly; it's his greatest honour.

At every stage, Grant strives to bring value to your experience, making the process of building your home both rewarding and memorable.

Rest assured, each phase of constructing your home with August Homes is approached with the utmost integrity and nobility it deserves.


As a dedicated custom designer, Cesar Solis has a deep appreciation for exquisite design. Recognising the uniqueness of each client and taking your budget into account, he prioritises understanding your preferences to create a tailored home.

Starting his architectural journey in Latin America and culminating in New York, Cesar created high-end residential hotels, luxury hotels and commercial spaces for exclusive clients. His design pursuits led him to Asia Pacific and India, focusing on luxury residential projects while based in Sydney.

Driven by a passion for design, he furthered his education in interior design in Sydney, undertaking various courses in lighting design, energy efficiency, and landscaping throughout his career.

Conducting master classes in Singapore, Latin America, and America, he now serves as a design consultant across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Cesar Solis is committed to transform your vision and design dreams into reality.